Price box shortcode is used to display tariffs with pricing tables.

Additional options

for Price box shortcode


[zoner_pricebox pb_package=”Totally free” pb_price_package=”$0.00″ pb_period=”unlimited time”]
  • 1Property
  • 1Agent Profile
  • Agency Profile
  • Featured Properties
[zoner_pricebox pb_package=”Light” pb_price_package=”$10″ pb_period=”1 year”]
  • 2Property
  • 1Agent Profile
  • 1Agency Profile
  • Featured Properties
[zoner_pricebox pb_featured=”1″ pb_package=”Advanced” pb_price_package=”$30″ pb_period=”1 year”]
  • 10 Properties
  • Agent Profiles
  • 1 Agency Profile
  • 2 Featured Properties
[zoner_pricebox pb_featured=”1″ pb_package=”Professional” pb_price_package=”$50″ pb_period=”1 year “]
  • Unlimited Properties
  • 20 Agent Profiles
  • 5 Agency Profiles
  • 10 Featured Properties
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