Two Acres at Hartney Bay

Alaska, Mile 5.5 Whitshed Road, 99574

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2 acres

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Two acres at the end of Whitshed Road. Currently, the VERY end of the road, where there is a cul-de-sac that may someday be extended into a longer road into more lots in the subdivision.  This home site has wetland on the front, and woods on the back 2/3 or so of the lot. There is a ravine with a salmon stream at the front of the wooded portion, so the most cost-effective place to build a home would be on the edge of the trees and the wetlands in front of them, in order to avoid having to bridge the ravine/stream. Note that the first 110 feet or from the edge of the road is actually right-of-way, and the front of the lot is where there are wooden stakes. The lot is about 200 feet wide and 480 feet deep ( about 590 feet from the edge of the road including the right of way).

Hartney Bay Subdivision is located about 6 miles from downtown Cordova and there is a road and electricity into this portion of it. There are no property taxes as this subdivision is outside the city limits of Cordova.

End of Whitshed Road


MLS 15-12325

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